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Title: To the Fathers Who Stepped Up
Three stepdads get the ultimate surprise when their now adult children ask that they legally adopt them.



Title: The Muse & The Masterpiece


Client: Marriott Hotels

At the Palace Hotel in San Francisco, the spirit of the city is captured on canvas — a historic masterpiece that resonates with each generation that passes through the hotel’s doors.



Title: The Art of Conservation
Subject: Asher Jay
Series: 60 Second Docs

Asher Jay uses her artistic talents to merge the worlds of art and conservation. 

She creates imagery for some of the largest conservation campaigns in existence.



Title: The Balance of Vela

Subject: Carlos Vela

Client: Rockstar Energy

It's not easy to be a professional athlete as gifted as LAFC soccer legend Carlos Vela. You're thrust into the limelight at a very early age - cameras pointed at you - tremendous pressure to perform on and off the field. But then there’s Carlos - who seems to gracefully take a different path than what was expected. He did it his way - balancing what he wanted from life AND sport - and here he stand as the defending MLS champion.



Title: The Crown & The Cake


Client: Marriott Hotels

At the Imperial Hotel in Vienna, the recipe for luxury starts with a piece of chocolate cake. Though commissioned by royalty, this cake wasn’t dreamt up from the imagination of the master chef, but from someone unexpected — a mere kitchen apprentice. This apprentice, Xavier Loibner, secretly prepared a special cake for the emperor of Austria to mark the hotel’s grand opening in 1873.



Title: The Sustainable Architect
Subject: Alejandro D'Acosta
Series: 60 Second Docs
Meet Alejandro D'Acosta, a sustainable architect who transforms old boats into wineries, glass bottles into artfully lit corridors and is revolutionizing how we view architecture.



Title: Rev-o-lution
Subject: Michael Bream
Series: 60 Second Docs

In this 60 Second Doc series, we interview Michael Bream, Founder and CEO of EV West. He breathes new life into classic cars by replacing their engines with electric drive systems. His goal is to have the fastest electric racing cars in the world - breaking one record at a time.



Title: Giving Fashion A New Life
Subject: Gina Stovall

Series: 60 Second Docs
The fashion industry produces 13M tons of textile waste annually. Gina Stovall of Two Days Off aims to reduce that number by giving otherwise discarded textiles a new life through her sustainable fashion line.



Title: Kings of the Road

Client: Purina
Subject: Dave Thomas

Caring for the famous Budweiser Clydesdales is no small feat. A team of seven people spend hours getting these gentle giants ready for a show.



Title: The Urban Flower Farmer
Subject: Quilen Blackwell
Series: 60 Second Docs

Quilen Blackwell, founder of Southside Blooms in Chicago, plants flower farms in empty lots in urban Chicago. Not only does he bring nature, beauty and lots of flowers to the city, he also creates job opportunities for youth living in those communities.



Title: The Art of Kaiseki Cuisine
Subject: Niki Nakayama
Witness the brilliance of Chef Niki Nakayama, owner of N/Naka Restaurant in Los Angeles, as she creates a menu and dishes rooted in the Japanese kaiseki tradition. You'll never be served the same meal twice.



Title: The Desert & The Dance


Client: Marriott Hotels

The Arabian desert surrounding the Al Wathba hotel sets the scene for a dance where nature and humanity move in perfect step — and both leave profoundly changed. Discover the sacred bond between human and horse in this episode.



Title: The Pok-A-Dot
Subject: Phyllis Beers
Series: 60 Second Docs
Phyllis Beers, Co-Owner of the kitchy restaurant- Pok-A-Dot in Batavia, NY hits some hardships when Covid forces her to shut down her business.



Title: Sneaker Head
Subject: Srijan Sharma
Teenager Srijan Sharma is trying to pay his college tuition with sneakers. This sneakerhead merged his love for limited-edition sneakers and passion for entrepreneurship to kick-start his college. His business of buying and reselling sneakers through his shop, Trunxs Kicks, is expected to make $250,000 in sales.



Title: The Art of Vespertine
Subject: Jordan Kahn
Witness the brilliance of Chef Jordan Kahn of the Michelin star restaurant Vespertine as he colloborates with Chef Nikki Nakayama to create an original menu inspired by the Cadillac Lyric.



Title: La Sangre De Los Incas

Client: Columbia Sportswear

Filmed in the Cordillera Blanca of Peru where the mountains are Apus (Gods) and the weather always wins, we followed Peruvian athlete, porter and backcountry chef Hernan Chinchay Quijano as he trains to become an athlete on the international stage. Created with Stept Studios for Columbia Sportswear to introduce their Titanium line.

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