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Title: Travel By Design

Client: Marriott Hotels

Meet Constanze Martens, one of the designers of the W Hotel in Punta de Mita, Mexico. She reflects on her architectural approach in designing this hotel which incorporates nature, the local cultures and the ocean views to create a surreal Luxury Hotel experience.

Title: Columbia Titanium
In the mountains of Peru, an ultra alpine marathon runner trains in extreme conditions in preparation for an upcoming race in the Andes.

Title: Alejandro D'Acosta- Sustainable Architect
Series: 60 Second Docs
Meet Alejandro D'Acosta, a sustainable architect who transforms old boats in wineries, glass bottles into artfully lite corridors and is revolutionizing how we view architecture.

Title: Call Me Coco
Client: New Balance
Up and coming young tennis superstar Coco Gauff is anything but intimated by being one of the youngest pro-tennis players in the world.

Title: The Urban Flower Farmer
Subject: Quilen Blackwell
Series: 60 Second Docs
Quilen Blackwell, founder of Southside Blooms in Chicago, plants flower farms in empty lots in urban Chicago. Not only does he bring nature, beauty and lots of flowers to the city- he also creates jobs and opportunities for youth living in those communities.

Title: Diamonds Aren't a Girls Best Friend ft. Bia
Client: Robinhood (Investment App)
Investing is the new form of diamonds. Give your Galantine the gift of investing by sending money through the investment app Robinhood.

Title: A Culinary Mash-Up
Subject: Niki Nakayama
Witness the brilliance of Chef Niki Nakayama, owner of N/Naka Restaurant in Los Angeles, CA, as she creates a menu and dishes rooted in the Japanese kaiseki tradition. You'll never be served the same meal twice.

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